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Collge Prep Tutor in Greater Union County

PSAT, SAT and ACT Preparation

College or university admission is highly competitive these days, even for the most accomplished students. Passing college admission tests such as the PSAT, ACT and SAT exams are also a stressful time in any student's life. To be sure your student is as well-prepared as possible, enlist the services of an Above Grade Level in-home PSAT, ACT or SAT tutor. We also offer small group classes for SAT prep in Greater Union County.

Prepare your high school sophomore or junior to excel on the PSAT in October. Juniors taking the PSAT have a chance to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

With the top colleges and universities, high college admission test scores play a significant role. Scoring successfully on a PSAT, ACT or SAT university or college admission test will increase the chances that your child will be admitted into the school of their choice.

Our college admission test tutors work with some of the brightest and most dedicated students in Greater Union County and will help your student score higher on their PSAT, ACT or SAT tests than they ever thought possible. Above Grade Level's tutors are encouraging and are committed to instilling the confidence your son or daughter needs to achieve the highest results on their PSAT, ACT or SAT exam. One-on-one lessons with our qualified tutors in the comfort and safety of their home will prepare your son or daughter to perform at the best of their ability on these important examinations.

A Strategy for Success Above Grade Level PSAT, ACT, SAT Tutors

Above Grade Level in-home tutoring programs for PSAT, ACT and SAT are designed to equip your student with the skills required to earn a significantly higher score on their college admission exams. When your student takes their full-length PSAT, ACT or SAT exam they are more likely to perform at a higher level if they feel confident and adequately prepared.

In our in-home PSAT, ACT and SAT tutoring sessions, your child's personal tutor will administer actual full-length practice tests, to ensure they have a clear understanding of what will be asked of them on the actual exam. Once the practice test is scored, our college admission testing tutors will customize a personalized study program to address your student's area of need.

At Above Grade Level, our one-to-one PSAT, ACT and SAT tutoring programs focus on each student's unique needs and learning styles in order to achieve the best results possible. With the aid of their own personal PSAT, ACT and SAT tutor, your student will learn effective test-taking techniques and approaches to lead them through even the most difficult sections of the exam. Our tutors will reveal the best methods for: uncovering the best choice for multiple choice questions, organizing thoughts, thinking creatively for essay writing, analyzing question structures to achieve the best result and how to manage the allotted exam time. Once our students apply these test-taking techniques, they will substantially increase their prospects for scoring higher on their examination.

Above Grade Level's Proven System for PSAT, ACT and SAT Testing

Above grade Level's PSAT, ACT and SAT tutoring program features a variety of full-length practice college admission test exams. This ensures your student thoroughly understands the types of questions they can expect to encounter on the exam. Our PSAT, ACT and SAT tutoring provides invaluable experience by allowing students to put into practice their new test-taking skills on actual practice exams.

If your student requires assistance in subject areas such as: Mathematics, Critical Reading Writing, English or Science, we can tailor a program to suit their needs. Our proven method will replace their fear with confidence. Once our PSAT, ACT or SAT prep training course is completed, your student will be fully equipped with the techniques, experience, knowledge and confidence required to maximize their PSAT, ACT, and SAT test scores.

Subjects Tested on the PSAT, ACT and SAT exams are:

  • SAT Critical Reading ACT Reading ACT Science
  • SAT Math ACT Math ACT Writing Skills
  • SAT Writing Skills ACT English
  • PSAT Math PSAT Critical Reading PSAT Writing Skills